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  • Display type: 3.5" TFT-LCD
  • Display resolution: 320(RGB) × 480 dots
  • Display color: 262K
  • Advanced ARM core processor
  • 8 MB DDR RAM / 128 MB NAND Flash
  • Touch type: non-touch
  • Interface: USB 2.0 HS / UART / RS232
  • GPIO supported
  • RTC supported
  • Buzzer supported
  • ADC supported
  • SD card optional
  • GUI software provided

HMI is redefined

iDisplay has released the iCreator Software for Interface Programming, Design and Control Configuration. The Powerful but Simple iCreator Software help hardware developer to adopt to HMI with ease and speed. GUI is designed with the principle “What You See is What You Get”. Speed up all the software learning process. With iDisplay HMI Module, it can lead your product to be Intelligent, User Friendly and High Tech Category.

Hardware Design

iDisplay has released the iCreator Software for Interface Programming, Integrated with iDisplay HMI Module, your product will be Intelligent, User Friendly and State-of-the-art. Advanced ARM Processor for Fast Graphical Processing and Input Control. Upgradable Firmware for Continuous Enhancement. Customizable PCB (on client request) which suit any scenario.

Suitable Application

Industrial Automation and Machine, Vending Machine, Electronic Appliance, Consumer Electronics, Medical Device, Musical Device, IOT Device, Automotive and Printer Instrument.

For more information, please refer to download page.

Rev. 1.2 | 9.68 MB